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Attention duelists!

I finally posted a journal! Yay!

Let's get to it, keeping it short and simple.

F e a t u r e d   A r t i s t   o f   t h e   W e e k !

The ExpeditionFor every second her gaze dwelled in the mug of dark ale, her consciousness slowly drifted away. She made a puny try to get back to the notes, journals etc. she had been examining for the past night, though it failed, and she capitulated with a moan.  She sunk back into the pile of well-stuffed bolsters that decorated her mattress, saddened over the fact that she could not work more, even though her inner self wanted to.
    It would be great with an interlude, she though to herself, but then remembered that if she followed those thoughts, she were most likely to end up in a pile of mud, surrounded by wicked creatures that stalked the protected houses. On a whim, she formed today's plan. First, she'd haul her ass down the stairs, order a breakfast without a peer. Then, the Fallen forest would be the destination. It wasn't far from the village Hrandsparwa. As she clumsily like a drug-addict after an overdose, she gathered her material, and ruthlessly showed them
Staring At The Stars  2 Years Earlier  
    "Look! A shooting star!" Kyra exclaims while pointing to the sky, "Make a wish."
    And then she closes her eyes, looking very childlike with her head tipped back and eyes closed. But she is far from it. Kyra is beautiful, inside and out.
    Turning to me she asks, "What did you wish for, Alec?"
    "If I tell you, it won't come true", I answer her, smiling.
    "Ok, but I want to tell you what I wished for", she says, suddenly becoming shy.
    "And what is it that you wish for?", I ask with a lightness to my voice.
    "You", she tells me, and even though I can't see her face very clearly, I know that she is blushing.
    "Kyra, we're just friends. I don't like you that way", I say to her. Even though it is dark, I can clearly see her crestfallen expression and it makes me want to cry. And I want to scream that no, it's not true. I love you. But so does
The Little Time TravellerIt all began with a cardboard box; a simple cardboard box. There was nothing special about this brown box with its collection of colorful lines swirling in no particular direction across the sides; a canvas for a little boy’s marker collection. Each line told a story of excitement and adventure; a thrill that a little boy and his friend shared together.
In his arms, the little boy held Teddy, his protector from the evils of their travels. Lively blue eyes – full of a child’s wonder – glanced at his fuzzy friend, a big grin plastered on the young boy’s face. The things they had seen on their journeys defied everything the world had taught them to believe; but then again, they were too young to believe much of what the world had to say. They wanted to explore it for themselves.
“That outta do it,” he said with a nod of his head.
Gathering himself up, he set Teddy down in a chair and made his way to his closet. Sifting through the shirts and trous

Thank you for the submissions! All were wonderful stories in their own right.

Staring at the Stars by baileyalice222. An interesting twist, though not unexpected, still well-delivered and thought out in my opininon. Bittersweet is the word I was looking for...!

The Little Time Traveller by SMAdams for a nice throwback to our childhood! Good times, inventing scenarios out of the mundane :)

N e w   M e m b e r s !

Let's not forget we have new members though! Welcome!


A big thank you for joining us! Hope you like being a part of our group! :)

N a m e  I T

MajorasMasks! Zelda reference, need I say more? :giggle:

P r o m p t   o f   t h e   M o n t h

Fight or Flight    It’s called the Fight or Flight response. Ever heard of it? She has, and she can tell you all about it. After all, she took Psychology.
    Here’s the down-low: When an animal is under pressure, when it’s threatened or too stressed, it reacts in one of two predictable ways. It tries to run. Or it tries to fight back. Pretty simple stuff.
    She’s always been a fighter. Her personal philosophy on life so far has been to bite off more than she can chew, then chew it. Just to spite the nonbelievers. She’s got cheeks like a chipmunk, able to stretch and hold way more hardship than she lets on. She’s got teeth like sawblades.
    But when it comes to love, oh, the irony! Nothing could make her flee faster, all sweaty and wide-eyed like a gun-shy horse. It is funny when you think about it. After all, she’s The One. The One her friends always came to for relationship advice. She can dish out an accurate gau

A big congratulations to EmmaEatsRainbows with
<a href= "…>Fight or Flight! I particularly appreciated the liberal interpretation of the prompt, it was refreshing! :)

Q u o t e   o f   t h e   W e e k

I am fading away from here
Can't see nothing clear
And even thou I'm awake
My body slowly breaks
Feel so cold and I shake
Every time I reflect
A story is ready to burst
I shout to serve my thirst
It seems to clear my head
When I'm awake at night
I pull myself so tight
When lying in the dark
Feeling rich with words
About to draw my sword
Regretting half my chords
I started all from scratch

Take me away
Shattered my hopes today
Nothing can be done, I see
All will end so tragically for me

- Infected Mushroom

For some reason I've been obsessing over Infected Mushroom... their music is just so awesome 8D

And with that, ends both the FAW and our second successful Monthly Prompt! A big thank you to :icongalialay: for coming up with such awesome prompts! As well as for filling in for me for the past two-three weeks. I appreciate her return very much :)

I hope you've all been having a wonderful year so far! And be on the lookout for the next batch of prompts!

Take care!

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