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deviation in storage by AngeInk


Hi! Welcome to Short-Stories

:bulletred: Kindly submit your stories to their designated folders.

:bulletorange: Submissions to Featured are not allowed. Please don't ask.

:bulletyellow: If a new folder needs to be created, please, let us know!

:bulletgreen: Mature content is allowed. However, it must be appropriately marked as per deviantART's rules.

:bulletblue: There is no limit for submissions per artists! Feel free to share as many of your works with us as you wish!

:bulletpurple: If you have any questions, concerns and/or comments, please contact us immediately (via comment or note)!

:bulletblack: Don't forget to check out our journals to keep up with any important updates, contests, prompts, features, and more!

:bulletred: Keep your eyes peeled for the Writing Prompts! Best way to get quick ideas to submit more writing!

:bulletorange: Suggestions? Feel free to share! We’re more than glad to hear your opinion(s)!

:bulletyellow: We do advertise contests held by our members and affiliates. Simply let us know and we’ll take care of the rest!
Welcome back to another exciting journal here at :iconshort-stories:

It's been an interesting challenge trying to think of a way to make the new changes work in order to make sure I didn't accidentally miss someone. In the end I decided to view our logs and make a list of what stories went into each category. Long list. But worth it. I was able to see which categories had no submissions, one submission, and multiples so I could read the submissions and choose our features. So let's get it going!

Friendly Reminder
PLEASE PUT POETRY IN THE POETRY FOLDER! It DOES NOT matter what genre your poetry is! We're a Short-Stories group, poetry goes in poetry and MUST tell a story in your verses! If you know you've got poetry in a genre folder, please go move it!

If anyone has been paying attention you'll notice there's a new folder in the gallery called "Chapter Stories". Archaeon has been kind enough to take on this massive overhaul and even found a clever way to make sure you can find ever chapter of your favorite chapter stories without hunting forever for the next installments by making sure to move each chapter next to each other AND they've even put them in chronological order! Very kind, be sure to thank Archaeon for going the extra mile on that one. This helps make up for the fact we can't separate them by genre since we're not a super group.

There's still a long way to go, a lot still need to be moved over from the other folders. If you know you have chapter stories hiding, please feel free to go find them and move them to the Chapter Stories folders. We'll make sure to get them organized after that.

ALSO I've changed our group avatar! The last one always seemed hastily slapped together in my opinion so I've gone ahead and made a new one. Time for an update anyway. Simple, yet elegant, and not a drastic change to upset anyone.

Featured Stories
Absurd: UnscheduledA time bomb?! Hey, wait a---

Comedy: The Fantastic and Awful Date
Julia had set me up on another one of her ridiculous blind dates.
     Sighing, I yanked out my keys from the ignition and slammed my car door behind me. A wisp of a ghost, an outcome from my irritated exhale, lingered in the chilly autumn air. I wrapped myself in a self-hug, a weak attempt at conducting warmth. Chills and prickly goose bumps scattered across my arms. I should've brought a jacket.
     I approached my destination, a gaudy Italian restaurant. Neon lights adorned the building and emitted blinding flashes in all areas. Upon catching my foot in a stony step, I nearly tripped over my hazardous five-inch stilettos. Fortunately, I was able to regain my composure by catching onto a banister in a not-so-casual and ditzy way. I took a minute to readjust my formal attire, wince, curse my choice of footwear, scan the area for witnesses, and then resume with carrying out my formal entrance.
     With my chin held

Drama: When I Picked Dare.   I sat down between my friends Ashley and Leah. We'd been at this party for about 3 hours and it was getting close to midnight. Half of the party decided they wanted to play Truth or Dare, while the other half stayed outside in the backyard. Swimming, singing, and dancing to whatever trash rap music was playing. The party didn't end till about 10am due to people having to stay the night for being too drunk. We were teens, but we were responsible for each other when it came to drinking. For example, Leah and Ashley were drinking, and I was the designated driver. I didn't mind, I didn't even like the taste of beer, I drank wine coolers instead. Just not tonight, I held off so the 3 of us would get home safely.
   All of us that stayed inside formed a huge circle in Amanda's living room. Her parents were out of town, but gave her permission for the party as long as the cops weren't called on us. We had pushed all the furniture to the walls in order to create more spa

Emotional: GossipI hear it every day when I walk down the hallways; in text messages and emails; at home, by my own brother.

I’m so over high school. Thank God Will doesn’t believe any of that: we’ve known each other since we were children, and we’ve officially been dating for the past three years. I don’t know what I’d do if I lost him.
We had a date planned for this Saturday night. I’d been busy the night before, so Saturday afternoon I showered, did my makeup, and made sure to hide the love-bite on my neck. I deleted the texts and I was ready.
So were the predators. As soon as I walked downstairs I could see Will talking to Ethan, my older brother, and Vivian, their best friend. The three were close friends but I instantly felt offended: Will was my boyfriend, after all.
“She’s cheating on you, Will.”
“With tons of guys!” How would you know, Vivian?

Honorable Mention for Emotional "Dominoes" by mitoXD

Erotic: [Teaser #1] The Pervert in the Back of the Class

         She was incredible, everyone had their eyes pinned on her. She was the one for Sora, the woman of his dreams, his darkest sexual fantasies. Curvy thighs, slim waist, short fiery red hair, a pretty face and breasts the size of one’s handful, fitting perfectly in one’s palm as if asking to be caressed.  She didn’t mind the looks, except one. Sora had his eyes locked on her just like everyone else but there was something about his face, something indecent. Riko could tell and as their eyes met, in that instant, she gave him the most menacing, criticizing look, digging into his soul. At that moment she knew. She pouted. Sora panicked and swiftly looked the other way, trying to play it off, as if nothing happened. He pretended to be looking out the window for a while, stealing small glimpses every once in a while, wondering if Riko still had her eyes locked on him. She didn’t. She kept reading for the class with the sam

*I've jumped the mention for Erotic back to the first chapter in this story. It's a good story about a dominatrix but the submission began before the August journal. I've chosen to start you at the beginning instead of chapter 5 where I started.

Honorable Mention for Erotic "The Fate Monsters" by Midnightdaybreak

FanFiction: As You Turn Away [AU] (Levi x Reader)
~Listen to this while reading [link]~
Standing face to face
Wrapped in your embrace
I don't wanna let you go
But you're already gone

She laid her head on his chest, staining his shirt with her tears. The small woman didn't want to let go of this warm, comforting position. However, the man pulled her away from him. He brought a hand to her cheek and preceded to wipe away the fallen tears. She turned her head, not wanting to look him in the eyes. The woman couldn't bare to think of him leaving her life and possibly finding a new lover. She couldn't even fathom the fact that this was another end to a chapter of her life, an end to their chapter.
He hated this just as much as she did. The man was still madly in love with her, however they came to realize they weren't as compatible as they thought they were. She was stubborn and he was impatient, she had a carefree personality and he

Fantasy: Myth of the Earth.
         A long, long, time ago, there was The Mother of All. When she was about to bare her first child of her own, things went wrong. It lacked something that only she could give - Life. Filled with grief and disappointment in herself, she made this child more special than it was planned to be. She gave it life, though it would change its true form into something else that could protect and take care of the others that would soon to come, just like she would. The child became to what we all know now, Earth, though this was just the beginning. There was nothing but the seas that Mother had cried for her child. Even though things didn't go as planned she still loved her child.
        As time passed, Mother would ever so often create small sea creatures and watch them grow as it made her happy. Curiosity soon go the best her and it was a good idea for awhile. What she did was created a piece of land that floated on the water and her children

Honorable Mention for Fantasy "Pinwheel Princess" by Aurora66

General: IronyTurns out, my boyfriend and I have all the same girlfriends. ( <- I love it )
Honorable Mention for General "Bulbous Cat" by Froodals,

Horror: GoatsuckerIt was a week like no other in the jungles of Puerto Rico. On the first day of what would come to be known as “The Massacre”, a disappearance of small animals occurred, which was later followed by strange, blood-curdling howls and the cries of dying and panicked animals echoing from the depths of the lush jungle. On the second day, all the livestock from the nearby farmland were mutilated and drained of blood and other bodily fluids. On the third day, a foolish man who went into the jungle unarmed chasing after one of his pigs came back to his village with claw marks on his arms and was babbling on about 'silver demons'. On the fourth day, the man was killed in his sleep at the local hospital, his throat apparently slashed open by a sharp object with great force. A rumour quickly spread that there was a tribe of angry natives that wanted these 'settlers' to leave their sacred grounds. Another rumour was that an escaped psychopath from a mental ward had taken up residence in
Honorable Mention for Horror "Dopplegangers" by FriendlyFlame

Mystery: Forgotten Memory - SS3 Quarter Contest"Mr. Solomon?"
Abraham groaned in protestation. He clung desperately to the darkness slowly retreating from his sleeping mind, begging to return, to not wake up.
"Mr. Solomon!" the mysterious voice returned once again, and he felt his numb body being shook gently. "Mr. Solomon, wake up!"
He protested some more, but his mind lost more and more its grip on the darkness, and light made its way through his closed eyelids.
"No!!" he cried out silently, dread filling him as the darkness fade. "No, let me go back!"
But more he struggled, more he gained consciousness, and finally, his eyes weakly opened. They shut immediately, as a bright light overhead burned them.
"Close the light, Nessa, the table-lamp will be enough. He's fully awake now," the voice who woke Abraham ordered someone else.
A click was heard, and the voice summoned softly to Abraham:
"Its allright now, Mr. Solomon, you can open your eyes, the light is gone."
Abraham cocked one eye open, and as no bright light burned it, he op

Narrative Poetry: Springtime HaimerickOne kissed a maiden
Hence both monks got chasen
And reached their temple in time.

Non-Fiction: The Geek's Guide to Lit GroupsThe Geek's Guide to Lit Groups Links:
:bulletblue: Groups with names beginning with A - H
:bulletblue: Groups with names beginning with I - S
:bulletblue: Groups with names beginning with S - Z
:bulletblue: The Geek's Guide to Inactive Groups

What's done?! IT'S DONE. I have spent days and days and days collecting a list of all the lit groups I could find (1901 groups to be exact!), then I went through each one and moved all the groups that had no discernible activity in the past 12 months to the Inactive Groups list (see links above). Then with

*Some of you may find this one helpful

Romance: Llamada perdida - Lost callMICRORRELATOS 2
Página 698, Palabra 24. Frontis.
Fachada delantera de un edificio.
Tres de la tarde. Pleno verano en la capital. El sol pega fuerte y quema hasta la sombra. Dos obreros se alejan de un edificio en ruinas, mantenido en pie a pura fuerza de voluntad que pronto ya no lo estará.
El jefe de artificieros apura los últimos ajustes y ordena a todos que se coloquen detrás de la barrera.
Es el último edificio a derribar de la mañana, el hambre, el calor y los recuerdos aprietan. En ese edificio, hace mucho tiempo vivió y durmió un verano con una mujer maravillosa. Alguien que deapareció una mañana, sin una palabra, un número, un adiós.
Pero no hay tiempo de monsergas: a ella se la trago el tiempo, a él la anoranza y al edificio el olvido.
Acciona el botón y todo vuela por los aires, presente, pasado y futuro.
Entre las ruinas, escondido entre dos ladrillos del frontis, salta en pedazos un p

SciFi: Gryphine Claw            “The witch took her,” Vek said exasperated.  Vek was a man just short of average height.  He had tight black hair and piercing blue eyes.  He wore a soft blue protection suit that could be seen through his tough full body armor.  The only parts not covered in armor were his head and lower arms.  A large sword in a scabbard hung on his hip.   He held up his fingers stained with grease and soot.  “She has Jaice.  I’m going after her.”
            There were two others in the small stone-cobbled room.  One was a very large man, one of the largest you’ll ever see.  His enormous shoulders bulged out from behind his curly red locks.  He wore no shirt, because most likely none would fit him comfortably.  His legs were armored with sleek steel over brown hexagonal patterned tights.  Magnet

*Btw epic picture attached to the end of your story!

Sociopolitical: Escuela de vida - Life's schoolMICRORRELATOS 4
Alma máter Locución utilizada para designar a la universidad

Universidad de Oxford, 1879
Los alumnos hacen girar sus bombines, nerviosos, trotando más que caminando por los jardines de la universidad.
-Vamos a llegar tarde a la ceremonia… -se lamenta el muchacho de cabello pelirrojo y ojos huidizos.
-Si caminas más deprisa no William. Deja de quejarte tanto.
-Pero si ni siquiera me conozco todo el himno del colegio. Tengo la chaqueta manchada… Va a ser un desastre…
El muchacho de pelo negro pulcramente peinado se encara a su compañero, dibujando una mueca de superioridad mal disimulada.
-Somos los hijos de esta gran alma máter William. ¿Sabes lo qué significa eso? Alma máter, “la madre nutricia”, aquella que nutre y hace crecer a sus hijos: somos los únicos capaces de comprender el mundo, de disfrutar plenamente de cada uno de sus d

Thriller: Never Enough    The crimson liquid trickled from her fingers. She lathered it all over her hands and up to her elbows. She liked the warm feeling of it. She liked it a little too much. She continued to sickly play with it. She no longer felt like she wanted more, she needed more.
    She gripped the knife and made her way up the stairs. Her sight was obtained by a door barely open. She quietly crept to the door and slowly pushed it open. Laying in the bed was the wife of the man downstairs, helplessly sleeping. Unaware of how much fun the girl was going to have with her.
      Gotta get my hands on a little bit more....
    She stared at the woman in the bed. She was going to have fun with her, but the woman would not being returning the same feeling. She must have giggled a little loud. The woman opened her eyes and first only lo

Tragedy: Not Like This    Thunder pounded through the clouds; fading echoes lingered beyond the initial clap. The skies opened, and rain poured, drenching everything. A reprieve was far from sight; the greyness was here to stay, much to the disdain of many.
     A long figure made its way, unseen, down a single pathway. His hat sat crooked on grey hairs while water rushed steadily off its brim. The coat draped over his shoulders, was not a safe haven from the wetness to which it had succumbed. No one was around to observe the sad and lonely man, something he was glad for at this moment.
    He shuffled along, bent and broken with sorrow. His heart, fallen from his chest, was heavy on his feet. Thoughts weighed on his mind; emotions, of the emotions he could feel, swirled in a chaotic knot of unfathomable pain. A day did not pass without the feeling of utter loss; the pain of a depression so deep, no light could be seen from its depths.
    Death stones loomed abo

Yay everyone featured and mentioned! Remember, you won't be eligible for feature again until October. Yes, I shortened the waiting period. Three months is pretty harsh. So now you have to "skip a turn" and only wait a month to be eligible again. There's quite a few repeats up there, some were the only submissions this month to a folder and were able to be featured on that win alone, others were very well written.

We suggest you read each of the featured for a great read! Don't forget to check out the others in the folders though, you're all wonderful writers. Some of you, though, are disturbing writers *cough*Playboy1204*cough* (Yes, I read your submissions to Erotic. Yes, I'm disturbed.) but you can still find audience from our members and watchers. So keep writing everyone!

Chapter Stories won't be added to the Featured Stories list until we overhaul all the old works. If you want your chapter story to have a shot at being featured, help us get a move on and move your chapter stories to the Chapter Stories folder.

This journal's spotlights are:
:iconfriendlyflame: for submitting the most stories in August! Congrats! You submitted 15 stories!
The next runner up was mitoXD with 13.

:iconmajorasmasks: for being the most helpful (The-Archaeon can't be featured since they're an admin ;) ) by helping us identify stories to be moved. Thank you!

:iconthreetwogetready: for the most intriguing story (Gossip). I'm not big on cheaters or affair havers. Relationships mean a lot to me and the trust needed is sacred, but your story does intrigue me on the mental standing on those who play with the boundries that way and see it as a game. "I'm winning". So congrats on a double feature for that story!

September spotlights to be on the look out to snatch up!
:bulletblue: Weirdest story from September 1st to September 20th. Make it really weird. Not silly or a bunch of random stuff lumped together. I want a well written, WEIRD, story. I want to sit back and go "...well, alrighty then. huh."
:bulletblue: Most romantic story from September 1st to September 20th. Make us feel warm and fuzzy. I want to look at my girlfriend and go "why don't you treat me that way?!" :giggle:
:bulletblue: Most stories submitted for September 1st through September 15th. I like seeing who submits the most in a short time period. :)

New Members


This group's winners are
:iconicecreamskittles291: (1: cute name! 2: yummm~) ,
:iconinstantfennec: (I love Fennec foxes. They're so cute!), and
:iconthe-anariarch: (Mostly because your name reminds me of The-Archaeon's and they're my favorite person on this site. Plus it's an awesome name and your icon is wicked. :thumbsup: )

So congrats to you three!

How PROMPting
The prompts for August were as follows:

:bulletred: Chains
:bulletred: Emptiness
:bulletgreen: Flying
:bulletgreen: Lunar
:bulletgreen: Food

So who's to be featured from that list?
Secret Agent PotatoHe woke up, drenched in vodka. He took a deep breathe of his stink and rolled out of bed. Agent Potato sighed deeply as he clutched his face in his hands. He heard his conquest of the night behind him say “Are you okay Potato”.
Agent Potato replied with “I don’t know anymore broccoli, i just don’t know anymore. I’m haunted by nightmares. Everything i’ve done, everyone i’ve hurt”.
“But think of all the people you’ve saved” said broccoli as she wrapped her arms around his body. “You just don’t get it! There’s so many more that i could have saved… but i didn’t” Vodka began to seep out of Secret Agent Potato’s eyes. Broccoli tried to turn his face towards her but Potato was having none of it. “Let go of me you god damn tree” said Potato wrenching his face which was also his body away from her. “When you get this deep into shit, you can’t just ignore the
by febban Haha, you didn't know it, but not only did you write on our prompt Food, you also wrote on an inside joke between me and one of my friends "potatoes"! So congrats! "Potatoes gonna potate". I love it.

Archaeon! You told us you were going to write on a prompt! I don't see your name in the folder! Where's my lunar food story?? ;)

And Now: September's prompts are:
:bulletgreen: School (haha)
:bulletgreen: Autumn leaves
:bulletgreen: The scent of old books
:bulletgreen: Vampires
:bulletgreen: Noobs / Newbs (doesn't matter what the noob is new to)

Have fun! REMEMBER, if you want recognition for writing on the monthly prompt submit them to the MONTHLY PROMPT folder! You can also make a mention in the comments of this journal after you submit it to the MP folder to make sure people go see it!

Think on It
"It's impossible," said Pride.
"It's risky," said Experience.
"It's pointless," said Reason.
"Give it a try," whispered the Heart.

Awesome! Longest journal I've written so far! How do you like the new featured stories? I hope more of you feel loved! I hope it inspires more of you to write and submit more! Archaeon should be taking care of Octobers, so get those stories in for them to read!

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