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Hello, hello...!  

I hope you're all well...! Your various entries have kept me really busy these past few weeks, but I got through all of them. Hopefully I'll get used to reading everything again and get the FAW back to Fridays like it's supposed to be...! ^^;


Let's FAW!

F e a t u r e d   A r t i s t s   o f   t h e   W e e k !

Had quite a few contenders these past two weeks...! I'm happy to see you're still posting as often as ever :)

Alone (1130 Words)This isn’t a love story.
Mason and his friends were at the bar—in a college town you don’t have to be in college to party—pounding drink after drink, checking out girl after girl and getting phone number after phone number. That was when he saw her, sitting alone at a table in the corner, nursing a glass of pink liquor.
Throughout the night his eyes kept checking on her, there was something there that Mason couldn’t place, something that drew his attention again and again, no matter what else he was doing. It may have been the way she slowly sipped her drink, making it last, or maybe how she stared at the liquid, she seemed to be a world of her own over there in the corner of the bar while the rest of the world cheered and celebrated life. Mason saw men begin to approach her only turn away when they closed in, why? Why did this intrigue him? Why did they turn away? If he didn’t feel the need to find out this story wouldn’t exist.
Making his way
Valley's End Road - III. Blood TiesWe put daddy in the ground last spring. The smell from the box was awful, he’d been in there awhile having left in the dead of winter when the ground was froze up. Can’t dig a hole in frozen dirt. Nobody noticed the smell, though. Just me and the twins. I knew the twins did, because I could see them wrinkling their noses across the hole.
Ezra used to be my best friend. We were almost brothers, me and the twins, we had the same daddy, but different mamas. Ma said to call them what they were, cousins. But everyone I knew, near abouts, was a cousin. Their daddy was my ma’s half-brother. I reckoned that made us some of both.
I squatted on my haunches next to Ma’s feet. The damp dirt felt good between my toes, under my palms. But Ma reached down and grabbed my ear and pulled me up. It hurt to stand straight. It also hurt when she pulled me by the ears. She said if I didn’t behave, they was going to start flopping like Hound’s ears. Hound was our dog. Some
DogstoyevskyI can recall with a ringing in my ears and cold needles to the back of my eyeballs the final words the man left me with this very soulless morning.
“I’ll be home soon, puppy. Be a good dog.”
Ha! Good. How plain…. how meaningless are your words! No! Don’t condescend to me you naked ape, you philistine, you utterly contrived creation of Caucasian cretins! And care not I when you be home! But…. please, and I quiver in this plea, return soon! aarf arrf! Damn me and my helpless yapping.
‘No one will come,’ I tell myself. Even the nosy neighbor woman who roams this insufferably suburban neighborhood like a specter with a Walkman, when she hears my canine cries for compassion, will merely remove her headphones and mutter something cruel like, “I wish they would shut that fool dog up!”
Shut me up! Shut me up and construct one thousand gates and I shall yap on! Let it be known! I will yap on!! Yap, yap, yap! It amuses me, old hag, to y
It All Began With A Forgotten Stove...    I woke up to the smell of fire.
    Columns of black smoke greedily spread over the ceiling, and several wisps coiled lazily towards the floor, which made me cough into my elbow. I didn't know what was happening. My eyes started to water, and my cough became uncontrollable -a continuous hack. I rolled out of bed in jerky movements and fell on my face in a daze. I opened the door and looked around frantically. The smoke was thicker here, snaking around restlessly, trying to find a way out- the window, the rooms, my lungs. I ran. I found my parents and my big sister, Lauren, in the hallway, screaming my name. I threw myself into their open arms and asked what was happening in a choked voice. Fire. We raced down the stairs together. Mom and Dad shouted at us to hurry, that they were right behind us. It became harder to breathe. Lauren tripped and crashed onto the wooden floor. I pulled at her arm and screamed at her to get up. She tried- I know she tried- but fell
Between WallsThis information is only passed between walls that can't listen nor see. It is possible to hear it outside, but not so easy to believe. When reality and truth collide an explosion happens and dies down before anyone notices it. Then people don't think about facts, but they believe that everything is normal when it comes to walls. So they start looking at the first room they see...
This evening is spent at a dusty and empty table. It is full of surprises, mostly because there is nothing on it. With only one cup of coffee and a room with a window with curtains over it. There is a man around the age twenty-five watching TV and wondering about simple insults he has encountered every day.
This reminded that the child had been left outside. A boy standing in the rain, eyes closed. Some might have called it a trauma or a sign of loneliness. It appears that
attention is a must in human life, but most of them don't have the energy for everything. Give the boy a puppy, then he'll be happy.
At tw
Shall I? (Dragon Age)S’raaka Adaar did not look good in a dress. It could also be said that she looked ridiculous and certainly out of place.
The crinoline skirt of the dress made her hips look wider than usual and with her silvery skin, horns and pale hair she stood out of the swirling, chattering crowd like a mountain on the verge of a valley.
So much for a masquerade—no mask, however elaborate, could conceal the dramatic difference of figure and race. She was an outsider among the pompous nobles, upstart felons and wealthy merchant princes.
Speaking of merchant princes, the dwarf at the Inquisitor’s side coughed as if to alert his company to an incoming gush of speech—and speak he did: “Truly your beauty stands out among the lessers, Horny.”
“One more word and I’ll teach you the truths of pain, dwarf.”
“Charmed.” he chuckled, grabbing the first glass of spirits that came within his reach.
S’raaka looked around—this was no plac
Who listens?If there are three things you should know about me, then they are as follows:
My name is Sampson Allison. This rhymes and sounds strange when you say it. Sampson Allison. Say it, and you'll see. I go by Sammy, which though childish, is better than rhyme. The p too is also unnecessary.
I have a dead sister. Yes, that's right. My sister Lena was murdered. Now, how do I put it? Well, this destroyed everything I suppose. My mum was devastated, she drinks a lot actually, and me? They say it made me strange. Like my name.
I like to write things down. If you don't, then they become nothing. It is best to record it all than leave nothing behind. Like Lena did.
Actually, I suppose there's more than three things. I'm fifteen, I'm scared of death and I like bugs. Right now, I'm on holiday, the house is too big and there are too many people.
As introductions go, I'm guessing this has put you off.
The foster sister is waiting outside my bedroom door when I wake up. Mum looks after her sometimes
I Like You“I like you.”
My heart stopped beating and began to beat faster at the same time, if that’s possible, and it caught my breath. My stomach was rising into my throat as if there was zero gravity. I tried to reassure myself that I had actually heard that, but I couldn’t think straight. Was it true? Was it really happening? What should I say?
I opened my mouth but I couldn’t make a sound so I relaxed my nerves and tried again. “I—“
“But I’m not going to help you ‘cause last time I died.”
It took me a second to realize that he was actually talking to the screen as he played his video game.
Found FossilAt the southwest corner of a suburban housing development, a small untamed wood thrives, not trimmed and planned and manicured like everything around it.  But it seems to hunch slightly, as if it knows its wildness is a facade, only reluctantly allowed out of some sentimental impulse, and at any second it might be chainsawed into proper order at the whim of the association.
Still, if you walked all the way to the center, where a small stream flowed in the gentle shade, you could imagine yourself miles away from civilization.  That was part of the reason June came here.  She was sitting cross-legged at the base of an oak, furiously sketching on a large pad.  Her other charcoals rested in the hammock her skirt made across her lap, and she paid no mind to the mess it was making of the beige cotton.  Her head was bowed forward, her hair framing the sketch with auburn curtains, occasionally brushed aside to let more light through.  A pair of sandals sat

That's all of our winners for now...! Congratulations to each and every one of you, and I hope you keep up the excellent work :)

As for those who didn't make the list, it's not necessarily because your stories are poorly written. Since I just finished reading some a few minutes ago, one story in particular comes to mind when I say this: it takes only one sentence to ruin a story sometimes. Some of you, I loved everything, to every last little detail, but then... something would change in the story. You would cross a line, in terms of your narration, that alienated the rest of the setting you worked so hard to write up.

I am trying to not be overly critical, but at the same time, I can't go around featuring works only "because I liked it." I try to remain as objective as possible and take into consideration the theme and delivery of the story, the characters, their personalities, etc etc. So while I'll never say that a story was bad, I will admit to its weaknesses, but also to its strengths. Whichever weighs more in the end heavily influences in my decisions.

I hope this doesn't come off as arrogant or anything, but I really felt the need to explain myself and how I grade (for lack of a better term) everyone's submissions. I hope that this doesn't deter anyone from submitting in the future ^^;

As a side note for the FAW, I'd like to ask: do you prefer having more than two winners? Or do you feel like it takes away from the charm of being featured?

P r o m p t  o f   t h e   M o n t h

Finally! It's here! For this month, here are the following Prompts/Themes:

1) If I told the truth...
2) On the snowy eve...
3) The lights dimmed...
4) Soaring through the skies among rainbows and clouds...
5) The shadows danced past the licking flames...
6) The knocking...
7) Old world blues...
8) The lonely 'morrow...
9) My fairy tale happily ever after...
10) Why not?

If you're unsure on how the Prompt of the Month works... the rules are as follows:

Every month a sequence of words will be suggested for writers to play around with. You are allowed complete freedom with these, the sentence offered need not even be explicitly mentioned in the story it inspired. All I would ask is for you to mention which suggested sentence you took for the story, and then submit it to the Prompt folder (e.g "For the Short-Stories's Monthly Prompt 'The lonely 'morrow' "  is enough :))

There are no other restrictions...!

Much like the FAW, winners will be selected and featured along with their stories...!

Also, if ever you have any ideas to suggest for the next prompt monthly, feel free to leave a comment/send me a note about it...!

N e w   M e m b e r s !

Hello all! Welcome to our merry family! I hope you enjoy being a part of the group :D

ViridianMan *shoutout for spotting a typo on that last journal entry...!*

Hope that's all of you :) If I happen to have omitted someone, please feel free to bash me atop the head with a rusty wrench :D (In all seriousness though, don't, but do leave me an angry comment and I'll remedy the injustice ASAP ;) )

N a m e  I T

Thetrauminator. I love me some play on words, and this one takes the cake by a mile and three inches...! :D

F o o d  f o r  T h o u g h t

SPOILERS FOR DOCTOR WHO SERIES 8 EPISODE 2 (Just in case some of you are Whovians, which I wouldn't be surprised if you were...!)

"Victory is yours, but it does not please you?"

"You looked inside me and saw hatred. That's not victory. Victory would have been a good Dalek."

"I am not a good Dalek.
You, are a good Dalek."

I've seen people praise and hate the new Doctor. Personally, I adore him. And I've loved both episodes so far, and the new direction they're taking with the show. As big of a fan I was of Matt Smith, Peter Capaldi is doing a fantastic job, and is rather refreshing from the eccentric number 11...! Very eager to see where they go with all this.

And with that, the end of the journal (at last I hear you say...!) :)

Take care everyone,

See you in two weeks :)
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