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deviation in storage by AngeInk


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Hey hey hey people! So I got around to reading the submissions (I think I got them all?) for the Halloween prompt. I forgot to mention if you're writing for any prompt in a journal to drop the submission in the "Monthly Prompt" folder, so I also poked into "Horror" and "Suspense" as well as skimmed our LOG for anything Halloween or Samhain themed.

If you think I might have missed your submission - because it's in a different folder, not titled in a way that instantly associates with either holiday, etc - please let me know! ("I didn't get picked as a winner" isn't a reason to believe your work has been missed!) If I picked your story but it wasn't submitted as part of the prompt, don't fret. There weren't many in the prompt folder or the horror / suspense. You were all automatically submitted to the contest if you fit the criteria and time line for submission.

So from what I've found and read:
:bulletblue: 'Scariest' Halloween story - None of the stories this year were particularly scary, perhaps I've desensitized myself over the years... which is a sad thought. But -
It Wasn't Jack: A Halloween Tale“Jack, I thought I told you to tidy your room?”
“I’ll do it tomorrow mum. I promise.”
I look around my son’s room with visible exasperation. His bedroom floor is completely strewn with bits of lego, books, clothing and video game controllers. The dark blue carpet is barely visible beneath all the mess.
“Okay but if it’s not sparkly clean by this time tomorrow then I will cancel our trip to Disney World. Trust me.”
Jack sighs. “Finnnnne.”
“Come on now, it’s well past your bedtime. Go and brush your teeth and then get into bed honey. It’s late.”
Jack drops the pieces of lego in his hand next to the large castle he is constructing out of the multicoloured blocks. He runs out of the room toward the bathroom. I ruffle his hair as he rushes past.
I start to pick up some of the clothes he has left across the bedroom doorway. I walk across his room, fold them roughly and place them on the rocking c
Who doesn't love a good haunted child story?

:bulletblue: Most suspenseful Halloween story -
Maria, Sweet as an Apple Flower
It was a stormy night for Trent Greg as he rode in his car with his wife, Hanna. It was supposed to be their big vacation, but the sudden rain had caused their trip to the beach into a disaster. Now Hanna would not talk to him during the car trip. Trent sighed as he tried to put his spare arm around her, but she gave a nasty glare at him and he reeled back in and continued driving. Their relationship has not been on good terms since he was promoted to head CEO of the network.
His wife would have thought that the money could be used for them having some fun together, but Trent had been far too busy for her. It seemed that their marriage was soon to be dead. Mr. Greg sighed in frustration as he tried to find an hotel. "Babe, how long are you going to be mad at me?" Mr. Greg questioned as Mrs. Greg turned to face him.
"All I want was to spend time you. Just one day. But it seemed like even the forces of nature are against us. If something is not being done, this marriage will flop!" Hanna

:bulletblue: Most festive Favorite Halloween Story - I didn't see any festive stories connected to Hallow's Eve or Samhain so I've changed it to "Favorite Halloween Story" -
Cyle the DealerCyle the Dealer
I walk through an open field. The blood moon shines above, lighting the area. As I get to the center and drop my bag. I pull out an old book.
"It's bigger." I say.
The title was "Demons" written over a gold pentagram on its Crimson leather cover. I found it on my bed the other day. I have no idea how it got there. At first I thought it was a prank. Each page holds a picture of and summary of a different demon. Many appeared to be stupid. But I found one who stood out.
I placed salt around in a circle. I left 2 scarfs crossed in an X. Following the instructions in the book I used paint to make an eye shape with a gold dollar coin in the very center as a pupil I guess. Now I just need to shout the fraise 'I wanna make a deal'
"You know the demon who makes these books is crazy as fuck right?" A voice says behind me.
"Who's there?" I shout
"Fine let me humor you, just a minute."
The symbol on the ground flashed, the scarfs raised in the air and swirled around growing faster
I like deal with the devil stories. (Did you submit a Festive story? Please let me know!)

In order of winning:
1st place: Cyle the Dealer
2nd place: It Wasn't Jack
3rd place: Maria, Sweet as an Apple Flower

Thanks for writing everyone! You'll receive your points ASAP. I'll try to nudge Archaeon into writing your full journal. Otherwise I'll go with plan B laid out in the last journal "Well that didn't really work".
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