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Hello everyone!

That's right, hit the 50 entries mark with this journal! I'm hoping to have much more frequent journal entries now though, with everything (finally) settling down...! Anyways, without further ado...

Let's FAW!

F e a t u r e d   A r t i s t   o f   t h e   W e e k !

Let's get this beautiful show on the road, I still have quite a few deviations to go through (some 30 I believe, I will continually update this journal as I go through everything, promise!)

Here are the winners so far:

Rainbow    Once upon a time, there was a world without colour. Everything above and under the sky were black and white. The trees were black and white, the waters that flowed were black and white, the animals were black and white, even the people were black and white. None of them had ever heard of 'colour', and they all lead very unhappy lives as their ruler, King Greyskies, a wicked and terrible man, had forbidden laughter for all of his people, seeing it as a useless emotion.
    Then one day, on the streets walked a man. But he was unlike any other men, as he was dressed in the clothing of a hundred colours that seemed to shift and ripple as he moved. He had skin the colour of a peach, eyes bluer than the sky, and hair the colour of golden straw. He had a merry face and in his hand, he held a brush wet with eternal paint.
    No one knew where he had come from, but all of them gazed at him in wonder. The blacksmiths stopped hammering on their irons, the carpe
EXCERPT: Ransom - What Coin I Have to TradeShe liked looking at his naked chest, this much he knew for certain.
And, at the moment, very little was certain in his life.
She carefully wrapped his face so he would be unable to see where they might be going.
His breathing became fast and panicked at that, and he made small, distressed sounds through his gag. As she’d lain his helplessly bound body across the backseat of the old sedan, the woman had torn his shirt open completely, exposing him to her and to the cool night air. It had been both humiliating and frightening. He had no power to stop her. The weight of her gaze had been an almost physical sensation.
He’d protested, as best he could through his gag and through his fear.
She was kidnapping him, and his will, his desires in the matter would not be considered.
He felt her using the seatbelts to secure him, strap him down. She utterly terrified him.
The young man swallowed, biting hard into his gag. He couldn’t move at all. His bonds were tight and confinin
It's SummerIt’s summer, and the sharp tang of Tide laundry echoes through the forest.
Make way for the round-about season of hot and humid air; dry and flaky skin washed down with an afternoon of spotting and crossing out nonentities; of people slugging through the void, eyes squinted for fear of the light, freckles and burns sprouting in red blossoms.
I sit on top of broken chips of wood and stone, a sprinkled cake in a land etched with green icing and teeming with wild broccoli. High and unreachable my plateau seems to be, until one or two wandering travellers break the ground with their noses, tripping over stones or light pieces of birch lying on the ground. I consider them for a moment behind my open canvas, blinking away the dust, before pointing them in the right direction.
Although some seem hunched as turtles bend with the world on their backs, most are harried, ducking their heads down with strokes brushing through the stagnant air; smooth waves slicing down great rocks.  My
Water    That was the downside to heaven. All of the beverages tasted like hot desert sand and the AC was broken.
    Really, weren’t there supposed to be angels in charge of that sort of thing?
    He took another pull from his glass, fully aware of what would happen but hoping against hope that this time it might be different. His mouth immediately filled with dry particles that shoved their way between his crooked teeth and coated his already dry throat. As he watched through watering eyes jets of damp dirt sprayed past his lips and painted the breasts of the woman in front of him. She smiled carelessly and brushed it away with the tips of her jeweled fingernails.
    He coughed for a few seconds more and then continued his story. “Anyway, like I was sayin’ – I was stuck with this kid, right? This little ugly son-of-a-bitch who, every damn minute, I kid you not, complained about
A Plain Pine BoxYitgadal v'yitkadash sh'mei raba
It came in the form of a phone call, a single strike to the heart. Later it bruised/it will bruise/it will always be a bruise.
Seven days. Each day a klatsch of people/strangers/family-friends/who are you? Of sitting on the gritty Persian carpet that will never fly. Seven days of eating strangers' food. One looks at my, rabbit meeting his eyes with her own. They are both small, all sinew and pale white hair and fear of loud noises. She says,
“I had a rabbit like that when I was a little girl. During the war we ate him last out of all of them.”
Oseh shalom bimromav, hu ya'aseh shalom aleinu v'al kol-yisrael, v'imru: amen.

Thank you for submitting these lovely works to our group, it is very much appreciated! It was a pleasure reading them, original each in their own right. Some were sad, others bitter sweet, and some scarily real. Hopefully you keep writing, as I'm curious to see more from you all :)

I'm hoping to eventually incorporate small reviews about each of the features, though that will only be added in the following journals. I've taken enough timing writing this one up already.

So for now, congratulations again to:

U p d a t e s

Alright, previous journals have mentioned the addition of a Monthly Prompt. After much thought, and some (very helpful) suggestions, I've decided what I, and hopefully you as well, want.

Every month there will be a journal with a suggestive theme, or thought if you prefer. While not a sentence, I'm hoping for it to be an inspiring string of words, in the sense that it will be something easy and imaginative to write about. Some examples could be as such: "the Holiday worth remembering," "dreams on the snowy eve of...," etc etc.

Hopefully, when September rolls around, I will have something concrete to have you all work with. It's also important to note, I think, that there will be more than one of these pseudo-sentences for you all to work with. You'll have roughly three to five choices to choose from, and free to go wherever your mind takes you with them...!

If you choose to participate in this, I only have to ask of you all to submit these stories (no limit) to the proper Prompt Monthly folder. Also, if you leave a small comment about it in your Artist's Comment, it'll help spread the word to other deviants (inside and outside the group)...!

So, last but not least, I want to give a shoutout and a big thank-you-hug to :iconpinkey-pie-69: for this idea! I think it's brilliant, so thank you! :)

And on a side note, before I forget, members will also, as always, be allowed to suggest some "pseudo-sentences" they'd like to see worked with! So you have a brilliant idea? Share it with us! We'd be more than happy to hear it :)

N e w   M e m b e r s !

I'm sorry I've been neglecting all of you, and that there are some out there that I've probably missed... but I'm hoping to stay on top of this this time, whether it be by massive journal like this, or a personal welcome via note :)


Hope you enjoy being a part of our little community, and I'm eager to see your contributions :)

Also, I feel it's important that I welcome you like this, as, believe it or not, I remember/recognize almost all of your names (those I've welcomed). And to me, it's important that I make people feel like they can enjoy being a part of our group. Too many groups I was a part of before have almost zero contact with their members. I find it's a shame, really. Hopefully you guys don't get that feeling us here at Short-Stories are "just another group" among a thousand others ^^;

L e f t   4   F . A . W

With the new FAW System in place, it's time to say goodbye to our old friend :(

You've served us well...!

N a m e  I T

rafieoftherafs makes me think of giraffes. Giraffes are BAMFs. Easy win, in my books :)

I n s p i r a t i o n a l   Q u o t e

"You don't know why, you don't know how, you don't know when to love again. You let me in, then shut me out, you have to learn to love again."

From Pentatonix's Love Again

With a lot of heartbreak and sadness going around, including famous Robin Williams' death, I felt it seemed a little fitting. Often enough, we need reminding that we needn't be afraid of loving others, whether it be friends, family, or even celebrities who've had some impact on our lives. Death and other forms of loss are part of life, and we shouldn't let that pain ruin all those beautiful memories we've woven throughout the years, or prevent us from continuing to have beautiful lives. I hope some of you made it this far down to the journal. I put this here because I felt with so much buzz around this topic already, I didn't want to add another reminder. Anyways.

That's all for now.

Take care of yourselves, and be on the lookout for more frequent updates as I slowly finish going through all of your submissions :)
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