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deviation in storage by growinluvhandles


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Hello again everyone,

6 months! Am I that old, losing track of time so easily? I would like to believe it's that I've been busy, but that's a lie. I've been lazy, been through a lot emotionally and psychologically, trying to figure out a lot in my life. Where am I going, what do I want, but most importantly: why? A lot of questioning, with fewer answers. But, ultimately they helped those tiny slivers of understanding.

I realise how foolish or selfish all this sounds with all the garbage that's been spreading like wildfire all over the world lately. And my heart goes out to everyone who's lost someone, not just to the tragedies occurring lately, but throughout your life. Or, is just having a real shitty time for whatever reason really. Props to you for making it this far. You're awesome for it. And that's what my six months of isolation came up with. I've been through worse, and I'm also going to go through worse, so why fret about it? Shit. Happens. I have no control over and I never will (to a degree). It's easy to say, and it takes time before the words come naturally. But one day, you'll wake up and wonder why you even bothered worrying about it in the first place.


Hang in there.

And since it's been ages, I felt I might as well kick off on the right foot and post a few features (you know, do my job)

The VerdictIt’s been several weeks since an IED detonated by a hostile insurgent nearly killed me. Since waking up at the American military hospital here in Balad, just north of Baghdad, I have often fallen into states of unconsciousness due entirely to excruciating pain. Hopefully, the doctors won't recommend any more surgeries. If they do, I very much doubt I will survive. But I'm not a natural pessimist; no, I have good reasons for being so gloomy.
I am convalescing in a noisy room full of shouting and groans. I’m tucked beneath the sterile linen like a young boy, eating regimented and balanced meals, watching the obligatory daytime television, making insipid jokes to bolster my solicitous friends.
I am writing these notes beneath dull fluorescent lights and thier droning electrical hum. Occationally, morphine streams drag me into into twilight consciousness as they flow through the intravenous tubes. My bare shaven head shines under the lights, surgical cuts glow red, and my beard

Mature Content

That Type of Thrill by rissystories
Flower In A Paper Cup*        The pain is unbearable.
        We all saw her coming, that awful giantess in her pink dress covered in fake flowers. It was a morbid display of the humans power over us and we all loathed them. All of us from the blades of grass to the Redwoods, we all hated humans.
        She had come from her den of death, frolicking and trampling my brothers and sisters beneath her, taking joy out off every step. Finally she stopped and scanned the field, her false sky eyes landing on me. Reaching down with her fleshy hands, she pinched me tightly between her chubby fingers, crunching my stem, and retched me from the rest of my body in one hard pluck. I could smell my sap as it seeped from my missing half. There was nothing that I could do but bend to her will. 
        Would she pluck my petals? Weave me into a crown of flower corpses? Feed me to her rabbit? There was no way to know ex

Bad Day Turns NaughtyI used to laugh when someone used the phrase, "worst day of my life".
Today, I got to experience that day and it sure doesn't seem like a joke.
Everything appeared normal until mid-day. That was when it all began.
My life, falling apart, piece by piece, brick by brick,
seeing it all crumble before my eyes.
My supervisor called me in his office. He never called me in his office before.
It seemed like it could go both ways. I chose to be positive. So foolish.
It was my last day at the firm. I was being fired.
Everything I took for granted, the stable job, the lifestyle, all gone.
I was shocked. My heart was racing. I left his office with a dead look on my face.
A void. Pure nothingness. I felt empty, like I didn't have a purpose anymore.
I slowly packed my things, still stiff from the recent news.
If that wasn't bad enough, as I exited the building the sky went grey.
It started raining like there was no tomorrow. Such a cliche.
Felt like I was in a movie. Girl's life turns
The Exiled DragonJura The Exile trudged solemnly through the thick and eerie forest canopy. A heavy murk blanketed the land, but the dragoness' eyes remained keen to the slightest hint of danger. For within these gloomy and expansive woods stirred creatures far worse and more horrifying then your typical wolf pack. This was the Alder, the edge of the world, and the very hunting grounds of the gods themselves. Despite the danger, fear did not manifest within Jura, nor courage, or honor; rather anger and bitter sorrow. She had crossed the known world and journeyed deep into this forgotten and forsaken wood in search of the sweet release of death.
She would rear up in defiance against any manner of beast that flew, burrowed, or stalked these lands, and would fight with such malice and savagery that the forest itself seemed to quiver within her presence. For a full fortnight, Jura had expelled her rage upon the monsters of the Alder. Even now her scales, once a magnificent shade of ivory, was grimy and mat
Poet?When someone speaks of himself
You should never hear the word "professional" before the need "poet".
However, you hear it.
Be sure that in these cases,
The mistake, what should be replaced is "poet".

Out there in the DesertShort Story by Maxojir (Michael)
"Out there in the Desert"
I always wondered like everyone else.
Everyone wonders about stuff. Even after you've grown up, there's still always stuff that you wish you could know . . . secrets. It might not necessarily be Santa Claus anymore, but you'll always want to know things. It's something in human nature, along with its counterpart truth: there are always going be things being kept from you.
Sometimes, you get to find out things. You catch the unguarded whisper, or knowing becomes part of your job. Most of the time though, you're gonna find out whatever secrets you get told are a lot less exiting than what you'd imagined about them. Some secrets also don't live long, and usually those are the one's you're going to be dealing with: new aircraft designs, combat plans for an upcoming military operation, the metallic composition of tank armor, or even the fact that the military actually does have a few railguns now. It's all stuff that everybody usual
Broken SelfWalking this path
with chaos in my mind,
King of the poor,
Slave of the blind
Betrayers, deceivers
I'm lost in the crowd,
I'm trying, I scream,
I can't be so loud
Drunk minions,
A uniformed lord,
Sexy lies,
The golden new world!
No one cares for my broken self!
Who will try for my broken self???
I want to change my way,
I don't see the day.
Walking this path
with rage in my mind,
Last of the poor,
No more behind
Betrayers, deceivers,
It's the day I'm found,
They will feel my scream,
Today I'm aloud
Weak minions,
A naked lord,
Dirty lies,
The fallen new world!
No one cares for my broken self!
I'll take care of my broken self!!!
I want to change my way,
It has to be this day!
I want to change my day,
It has to be this way!!!
Winter's KissFreda leaned over the castle wall, blizzard snow clinging to her hair, watching winter strip her valley of life. The darkest months had always intrigued her; when foolish men hid in their dens and the spirits once again held dominion. After the equinox, winter usually receded, but in recent weeks the storm of snow and ice had been relentless, striving towards some purpose. She dared to assume what that purpose was.
Freda dragged herself from the flurry of snowfall to face the messenger standing behind her. His incessant shivering had been annoying her for the last half an hour.
The servant avoided eye contact. A pathetic creature.
"My lord requests your presence as he meets with the council."
She dismissed the servant with a glare, took one last look at the majesty of winter, then followed the winding stairs down to the council chamber. She had no interest in the politicians, but her father hoped she would one day make a bargaining piece of herself nonetheless. Instead, she pa

No Place Like HomeJane wasn't quite sure what it was she'd hit, but she knew for a fact that hitting anything at relativistic speeds was probably going to put something of a dampener on her day. However, she was currently struggling to focus on this: her whole world was spinning.
Her whole world at the moment encompassed the Pegasus, an attempt at a manned mission to Titan that, needless to say, hadn't exactly gone as planned.
'Pegasus,' Jane said, 'what happened?'
After a few moments, the ship's computer replied, 'we've hit something. Calculating new trajectory... ah. Jane, I've some bad news.'
'We're not going to make it back to Earth.' Her voice was flat; empty. She'd never see her wife again, never find out who won the superbowl--
'No, no, we will,' Pegasus replied. 'We can slingshot around a couple moons, get back there with enough fuel to slow down and everything, although we won't really be able to land. Trouble is that collision knocked out all our antennae, so we won't be able to let anyone kno
Limitlessness of Friendship:Livius and Charlemagne        He'd been in a foul mood all night and the next morning for reasons that he couldn't explain. All of his plans had been carefully laid out, all of the puppets were set in their poses; and several contingencies were in mind. Perhaps it was this sense of perfection in his plotting that made him suspicious of his own luck. After all, there is always a calm before the storm. Everything falls into place just before the winds of Fate intervene and shatter it all on the rocks. He didn't believe in everything going according to plan. And perhaps that is what has helped him keep them all alive.
        With his Italian flower and his younger brother away on business, there were few in his world that could stir him from his brooding.
        "Sire?" Came a small, whispering voice from behind the study door. She never spoke higher than a breath, but that mattered very little, Charlemagne could hear her heartbeat fr

Mature Content


I realise some of you are up here more than once, but I went by category you guys submitted in. I'm sorry I didn't get around to everyone's work. But I like to think you guys have plenty of time to make it up here too :)

Also a quick welcome to the following:


Stay well and safe,

Yours truly
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